Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Happy Saint Patrick's Day to all of my fellow Gray's Ferry Diaspora

Saint Patrick's Day traditionally is the day to remember our Irish roots and ancestors. While most of us with Irish surnames are 3rd, 4th or even 5th generation Irish, we still have a common Celtic heritage.

 For most of us in Gray's Ferry over the years this day meant green beer, ham and cabbage (to break up the Lenten fast) and sweet Irish potato candy. Quite a few of our friends and relatives all had the same names...like me...Hugh, or Sadie or Helen or William or even Sean or Colin. The last names also had the familiar prefaceof O or Mc or Mac and so on. Even if the name didn't have an Irish prefix there was always some connection on either our paternal side or maternal side to the Emerald Isle.

In the many years since the Great Famine, the Industrial Revolution, The Great Depression, 2 World Wars the influence of the Irish Diaspora continues on in our lives and families. Many of our colorful Irish relatives have gone from St.Gabriels to the Irish race track at Holy Cross in Yeadon but today we remember all of them in a festive celebration of Saint Patrick and his faithful Catholic followers.

Celebrate the man St.Patrick.
Celebrate the Irish people.
Celebrate our Irish Catholic heritage....
and finally celebrate life.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!



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